Restaurant Owners


Do you wish to take your restaurant business to the next level?

Partner with MFC, and see your business grow like never before!

Reach out to more people
Your restaurant is no longer a local restaurant, but an MFC verified outlet that serves travellers from every place in India. While the scope of your sales was limited by the number of local patrons earlier, now your ambition is the only limit.

More business, at no extra cost
You’ll get more business, revenue and profits, without any additional cost for space, furniture and marketing.

Be a path breaker
While other restaurants are stuck thinking local, you are going to be the one who thinks big, and thinks forward. Stand out from your competition by showing initiative and vision.

Build your brand
Being an MFC verified restaurant enhances your brand value. Your credentials as an MFC verified outlet; increased visibility as a restaurant; a large number of out-station travellers sampling your food - the perfect recipe for the success of your restaurant.

Create a foundation for future expansion
When you’ll wish to start restaurants in new cities, which we are sure you will, with all the additional income, you’ll be a known brand. Sow the seeds of your success now; get in touch to become an MFC partner restaurant.
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